Alexandra is a practicing psychotherapist and counselor located in Seattle, Washington.

Alexandra Woollacott offers therapy to adults affected by anxiety, panic and depression and to those seeking support in navigating emotional, interpersonal and identity challenges.

She draws from an existential and relation framework; at the center of her work is a belief that in our society we experience greater isolation from others and disconnection from our bodies and a sense of meaning than ever before.

“Don’t worry so much about linear distance, We are here to explore great depths.” Soulful Remedies

As a mental health counselor, Alexandra supports clients in their search for greater meaning, connection and empowerment in a world that is increasingly isolating and fragmented. It is possible to heal from these challenges and traumas through therapeutic work.

Alexandra’s practice is informed by existentialism, feminist theory, mindfulness and relational psychology, these approaches allow her to guide clients towards a deeper understanding of themselves and the beliefs and behaviors that lead to greater suffering. She works to help clients get in touch with their desires and goals and to reconnect with others to allow a more authentic, meaningful and fulfilling lived experience.

Alexandra works with clients in the LGBTQI community and specializes in working with clients who identify as highly sensitive, supporting people in their recovery from depression and anxiety.

Alexandra earned a Bachelor in Arts and a Bachelor in Sciences at the University of Melbourne, Australia and the Universite Lumiere Lyon in France, majoring in Psychology, French and Political Science. Alexandra also completed the honors program in Psychology at La Trobe University and wrote a thesis on the topic of synchrony in bilingual parent-child dyads.

Alexandra worked for 5 years in crisis services for a mental health agency called Mind Australia, and volunteered for a local health care service to support people with anxiety and depression. Alexandra has experience providing behavioral therapy to children with Autism, and supporting their families – she also worked as a research assistant to conduct and publish a study on emotion regulation in children with Autism.

Alexandra moved to Seattle in 2015 and completed graduate training in the Existential program at Seattle University. While at SU, she enjoyed broadening her understanding of the subjective experience in its greater context and exploring themes of relationality, interpretation, purpose, identity and loss.

Alexandra completed practicum training at Seattle Counseling Services, and is deeply invested in understanding and supporting recovery from the challenges that impact her community.