How we work together

My healing begins from a place of connection and an appreciation of your potential and the power we have to impact each other. There are several deeply rooted philosophical beliefs that guide my understanding of our being-in- the-world. These ethics and philosophies are central to my identity and shape me as a person and as a healer:


We will work towards developing a critical consciousness of the structures, systems and cultural values that you - the client - endures, identifying the ways you can re-gain power, agency and dignity in spite of feeling disempowered in the world. I challenge the idea that sensitivity, perceptual openness and vulnerability are weakness, my work is strength based and I believe whole-heartedly that what has shaped you is a gift.

“Knowing your power is what creates humility. Not knowing your power is what creates insecurity.” Nayyirah Waheed


We are by nature relational beings, and I honor the collaborative and mutually affecting power of the therapeutic relationship. I am continually sensitive to the interplay of subjectivities between myself and my clients, and the immersive and vulnerable nature of this work. In the context of our relationship, we can uncover and make new meanings out of your experiences – both dark and light. These new understandings will give you the power to relate differently to others and the world.

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.” Anais Nin

Buddhist mindfulness

It is through our bodies that we sense others and our environment, the body is a source of power and knowledge. Through sensing, intuition and attunement, we can move deeper in to understanding who you are and what you need. In our therapeutic work, we will develop strategies to help you manage your perceptual sensitivity and overwhelming emotions; and through cultivating an attitude of self-compassion you will come to see your sensitivity from a new perspective.

When you learn something new about yourself and wonder what else you have been hiding Yrsa Daley-Ward