My healing begins from a place of connection and an appreciation of your potential and the power we have to impact each other. The depth work we do is collaborative, exploratory and loosely structured, as we are guided by whatever is emerging for the client in the moment. There are several modalities that guide my therapeutic relationships and process.

Contemporary Psychoanalysis

In the more than 120 years of its existence, psychoanalysis has evolved to reflect the contributions and work of thinkers from diverse fields of study and research.

Psychoanalysis weaves together different domains of experience: past and present, waking and sleeping, thinking and feeling, interpersonal events and the most private fantasies — Mitchell, 1995

We are by nature relational beings, and I honor the collaborative and mutually affecting power of the therapeutic relationship. I am continually sensitive to the interplay of subjectivities between myself and my clients, and the immersive and vulnerable nature of this work. Together we will begin a rich and thoughtful exploration of your past and present relationships and experiences, helping you understand your being-in-the-world more fully.


We will work towards developing a critical consciousness of the structures, systems and cultural values that you - the client - endure, identifying the ways you can re-gain power, agency and dignity in spite of the disempowerment you may experience in our society. I challenge the idea that sensitivity, perceptual openness and vulnerability represent weakness. My work is strength based, by tapping into your wisdom and developing the strengths and tools you have, we can create opportunities for change.


In the context of our relationship we can uncover and make new meanings out of your experiences – both dark and light. The human experience is shaped by joy and connection as well as pain, loss and angst. These are embedded in all of our lives, so you do not have to be alone in navigating them. I am invested in helping you find a satisfying balance between acceptance of what is existentially given, and asserting your agency in the world to live more authentically and meaningfully. Healing can be found in spaces and relationships that allow room for both possibilities.